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Cheat Description
Liveforever Grants invincibility (You cannot be killed)
Shapeshifter Allows you to change characters (Press F8)
Canttoucthis Unstoppable (You cannot get knocked down, unless you are killed.)
Touchofdeath Omnipotence (You kill anything you touch.)
Fatloot Grants you Ammunition and Health.
Glassworld Most Furniture is now glass (You can break most furniture.)
Winlevel Instantly wins the current level.
Loselevel Instantly loses the current level.
Bighead Big head mode.
Minime Mini mode (You turn small.)
Behemoth Godzilla mode (You turn gigantic.)
Reservoirdogs Last Man Standing Mode (Every character is for themselves.)
Roughjustice Gatling Guns mode (Bullets are fired at a high rate.)
Chenille Daodan Power mode (Makes you glow with Daodan.)
Superammo Super Ammunition mode (Infinite ammunition.)
Moonshadow Invisibility (You cannot be seen.)
Fistsoflegend Fists of Legend mode (Makes characters fly back when you hit them.)
Killmequick Ultra mode (The AI in the game become stronger.)
Munitionfrenzy Creates a Weapon Locker (Spawns all weapons.)
Carousel Slow Motion mode.
Elderrune Regeneration mode (Your health regenerates slowly.)
Thedayismine Developer mode.
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